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Aboukir Almonds

Aboukir Almonds is a candy, a sweet (a type of "petit-four.")

To make Aboukir Almonds, whole almonds are blanched, then roasted, and set aside.

Almond paste is then coloured green or pink, and pressed into a ball or an oval. A hole is pressed into the top of each almond paste ball, and one of the roasted almonds is pushed into each hole.

Each Aboukir Almond is then dipped in a sugar syrup, which sets to form a glaze.

Language Notes

Almonds were produced in the region of Aboukir (Abū Qīr), Egypt, and for a time, Aboukir was the port via which they were exported to Europe.

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Also called:

Amandes Aboukir (French)


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