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Aceto Dolce

In Italian, whenever you see "un cucchiaio di aceto dolce" (1 teaspoon of aceto dolce), what is meant is "sweet vinegar." This can be a fruit vinegar -- say, Raspberry Vinegar -- or even Balsamic Vinegar. Italians would regard the Japanese wine vinegar, "Mirin", as "aceto dolce."

Otherwise Aceto Dolce refers to a pickled mixture of fruits or vegetables -- what we might refer to in English as "sweet and sour pickle."

The fruit or veggies are first pickled in vinegar, then preserved in a syrup made from honey, mustard and either grape must, muscatel wine or white wine.

Aceto Dolce pickle can be served as starters or crudités on a relish plate.

You can buy Aceto Dolce pickled mixtures in bottles.

Language Notes

"Aceto" means "vinegar" in Italian; "dolce" means "sweet".

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Aceto Dolce; Acetomel; Agrodolce; Sauce Bigarade; Sweet-and-Sour

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