Actifry Roast Potatoes

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Actifry Roast Potatoes

Actifry Roast Potatoes
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These Actifry™ duck fat roasted potatoes come out crispy, crunchy and golden-brown on the outside, and moist and fluffy on the inside. When one of these hits your mouth, a smile will spread across your face and your knees will go weak.

Doing them in an Actifry makes them quick and dead-easy, as well as healthier even than the same amount of mashed potatoes.

Number of servings: Makes 475g / 17 oz / 3 1/2 cups

Estimated Prep Time: 10 minutes

Estimated Cooking Time: 35 minutes


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1 tablespoon Duck fat


Weigh out the potatoes. For 4 people, you want about 1 kg (2 pounds / 7 medium-sized potatoes.) You can use a bit more potato if you wish -- up to 50% without necessarily needing more duck fat.

Weighing out potatoes

Weighing out the potatoes - about 1 to 1 1/2 kilos
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Peel the potatoes. Pop them into a bowl of water for 30 minutes to 1 hour (more is fine). This helps to leech starch out of them, which results in a crisper product at the end. If you don't have time to let them stand in water to soak, at least give them a quick swirl in a pot or basin of water or a quick rinse under the tap. Then, before proceeding, dry in a salad spinner or pat dry in a tea towel.That's another secret to good roast potatoes, is getting moisture out of the roasting environment because you don't want them to steam.

Cut the potatoes into chunks about 5 cm (2 inches) in size.
Raw potatoes in the Actifry

Illustration of the chunk size - about 5 cm (2 inches)
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Put 1 tablespoon of duck fat into the Actifry; heat it for 2 minutes. Add the chunked potato. Cook for 30 minutes. Check them gently with a fork for doneness inside, and visually for an appealing golden colour. Feel free to give them another 5 or 10 minutes if they need it to get nice and crispy. (Note: to be clear, yes, you leave the paddle in.)

Serve piping hot.
Actifry Roasted Potatoes

Roast potatoes: crispy outside, flaky inside, melting in your mouth
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Instead of duck fat, you can use goose fat or suet. We find that these solid animal fats (a) heat to a higher temperature than oil leading to a crispier potato, (b) don't make the roasting environment inside the Actifry as humid as oil does and so you get a crisper roast potato; and (c) that 1 tablespoon of such fat does the job of 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil as it tends to hang around in the pan longer, thus making the recipe lower-fat overall.

Don't overload your Actifry pan with potatoes or they will steam and never really properly crisp up on you. After a few batches, you will have a sense of how much you can push the envelope on loading up the size of pan you have.

If you are in Britain, you will have access to potatoes labelled as "Floury potatoes" or roasting potatoes, and those will be good to use (such as Desiree and Maris Piper.) In North America, where potatoes are sold generically and as all-purpose, use a white-skin, white-fleshed potato, or russets even. (Red skinned or yellow-flesh potatoes will roast less well as they are more waxy potatoes.)

Reheat leftover roast potatoes in the Actifry for about 5 minutes.

You can get away with increasing the recipe by 50% (1.5 kg potato / 3.3 pounds potato) and not needing to increase the 1 tablespoon of duck fat. In a large family-sized Actifry, you can double the recipe - at that point, you may need to double the duck fat used.

After you get the hang of these, you can try -- about 5 minutes before they are done -- lightly seasoning them with seasoning spice mixtures, paprika, garlic granules, etc.

To confirm for those used to making oven-roasted potatoes, no par-boiling or pan fluffing is needed: in fact, they'll fall apart on you if you do.

Nutrition Notes

3 Weight Watchers PointsPlus® per 1/2 cup (70g / 2.5 oz) serving. 6 points per cup.

1 kg (2.2 pounds) of unpeeled potatoes equals 750g (26.5oz) of potato. Based on this, total Weight Watchers PointsPlus® in the recipe are 18 (14 for the peeled potato, and 4 for the duck fat.) The finished yield after roasting (the potatoes lose a lot of their water weight) is 475g / 17 oz / 3 1/2 cups. 1.2 kg (2.5 pounds) of unpeeled will increase number of 1/2 cup servings to 8, but keep per serving points at 3.

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