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Adirondack Crab Apples

Adirondack Crab Apple trees are compact, upright trees. They grow up to 12 feet (4 metres) tall and 6 feet (2 metres) wide.

The trees first produce bright pink buds, then white flowers which bloom for a long time.

The crab apples which follow are small, very red or reddish-orange apples up to 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) wide.

The Adirondack Crab Apples will stay on the tree until late fall.

History Notes

Adirondack Crab Apples were developed from an open-pollinated seedling of Malus halliana 'Koehne', selected by a Donald Egolf at the American National Arboretum.

Crab Apples

Adirondack Crab Apples; Anaros Crab Apples; Atalanta Apples; Bedford Crab Apples; Chipman Crab Apples; Crab Apples; Dawn Crab Apples; Egremont Crab Fair; Florence Crab Apples; Geneva Crab Apples; Hyslop Crab Apples; Montreal Beauty Crab Apples; Nelson County Crab Apples; Osman Crab Apples; Quality Crab Apples; Siberian Crab Apples; Trail Crab Apples; Transcendent Crab Apples; Wickson Crab Apples; Yellow Siberian Crab Apples

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