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Agave Syrup

Agave Syrup is usually marketed as agave "nectar."

It is made from aguamiel -- the juice extracted from the pina of agave plants.

It is a thickish syrup, though thinner than honey, and not as sweet as honey. It will be about 25 % water.

It is best made from older plants, at least eight years old. The pinas are juiced, and the juice is heated until it is reduced to a syrup.

There are two grades: the light grade is more neutral in taste. A darker grade has more of the agave flavour and aroma.

The syrup does not coagulate, or crystallize in storage. It dissolves easily, even in cold liquids.

You can buy ones that are certified Kosher.

Agave Syrup is quite pricey, about $1 US (2005 prices) an ounce (30 ml.)

Cooking Tips

Some say it is not good for baking with; others say it is fine for baking with, just reduce temperature by 25 F / 7 C.


3/4 cup agave syrup (6 fluid oz / 175 ml) has the sweetening power of 1 cup of white sugar. Reduce other liquid in recipe.

1 part agave syrup = 1 part honey


The sugar in it is 69 to 71% fructose.

Many health claims are made for Agave Syrup based on the fact that fructose is absorbed somewhat less quickly in the blood stream than sucrose is.

Many of the health claims, though, don't make common sense. For calcium intake, in the US and the EU, 800 mg a day is recommended; dark agave syrup contains about 1200 mg calcium -- per kilogram. Eating that much daily would likely negate whatever benefit the calcium in it brought to your teeth.

Contains trace amounts of iron. The darker syrup (though not the light) contains as well trace amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100 g


100 ml = 140g

3 oz liquid = 4 oz weight

Storage Hints

Store in a cool place and use within two years.

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Also called:

Agave Nectar; Maguey Concentrada (Spanish)


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