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Aioli Garni

Aïoli Garni ("garnished Aioli") is a meal of items, usually cooked, arranged on a large plate and served with Aioli sauce.

The meal is also called "le grand aioli" or "aioli monstre."

Items that might appear on the platter include:
  • boiled cod;
  • other fish, or seafood such as boiled small octopus or squid;
  • snails simmered in salt water;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • boiled carrots, French beans, artichoke halves, fennel, onions with cloves in them.

Not all the ingredients listed are essential. In fact, the success of the dish depends on the skillful use of what the cook has to hand, and a pleasing arrangement on the platter. What is essential, though, is a jug of Aioli sauce to the side.

Traditionally, the vegetables are cooked, rather than fresh, and cooked by boiling or simmering.

In Provence, France, Aïoli Garni is traditionally served on Fridays (which were meatless days) and on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, beef or chicken may be added to the platter.

Cooking Tips

Allow about 1/3 cup (2.5 oz / 75 ml) per person of Aioli sauce.


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