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Angel Food Cake Day

Angel Food Cake Day

Angel Food Cake Day. Skeeze / Pixabay.com / 2010 / CC0 1.0

10 October

When's the last time you made Angel Food Cake? When's the last time you even had any?

Though it fell out of fashion in the last decades of the twentieth century, it's a cake that is almost fat-free. Not even the pans get greased, and though eggs are used, the yolks are left out.

Angel Food Cake has faded so much from our collective consciousness now that there are many people who don't quite know what makes a cake into an Angel Food Cake.

Today's a good day to at least read about it.

Some like their Angel Food Cake plain; others like theirs frosted, or with fruit on top. Some like theirs a day or two later, when it's starting to get a bit stale, fried up in butter for breakfast even, then with jam and icing sugar, or with syrup, on.

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