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Atalanta Apples

Atalanta Apples are a small crab apple hybrid.

They have golden skin with pink or dark red dots on it. The skin is tender, so it can bruise easily.

Inside they have white, firm, crunchy, aromatic, juicy flesh with good flavour.

Some people think they detect hints of citrus in the taste.

The apples ripen in October.

Storage Hints

Stores for a month or two.

History Notes

Atalanta Apples were developed by Albert Etter in Humboldt County, California, USA.

Language Notes

Atalanta is a trademarked name.

Crab Apples

Adirondack Crab Apples; Anaros Crab Apples; Atalanta Apples; Bedford Crab Apples; Chipman Crab Apples; Crab Apples; Dawn Crab Apples; Egremont Crab Fair; Florence Crab Apples; Geneva Crab Apples; Hyslop Crab Apples; Montreal Beauty Crab Apples; Nelson County Crab Apples; Osman Crab Apples; Quality Crab Apples; Siberian Crab Apples; Trail Crab Apples; Transcendent Crab Apples; Wickson Crab Apples; Yellow Siberian Crab Apples

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