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Baker's Flour

Baker's Flour

Baker's Flour
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Baker's Flour is Canadian-grade all-purpose flour, re-labelled and re-packaged in very large quantities, such as the 20kg (45 pound) brown bags sold at Costco.

Though intended for commercial baking because of the quantity, it is the same as all-purpose flour in Canada. It is sold by Robin Hood Flour of Canada.

If you do a lot of baking, either of baked goods or bread, it is a good buy in this larger quantity.

Storage Hints

Store in sealed containers in a cool place.

Remember that as flour ages, it will dry out a bit, so you may to compensate in bread recipes by upping liquids a bit.

Wheat Flour

All-Purpose Flour; Baker's Flour; Bread Flour; Bromated Flour; Cake Flour; Chapati Flour; Durum Flour; Farina; Farine de Froment; Gluten Flour; Graham Flour; Instant Flour; Matzo Meal; Pastry Flour; Plain Flour; Self-Rising Cake Flour; Self-Rising Flour; Semolina; Sooji; Sprouted Wheat Flour; Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour; Wheat Flour; Whole Durum Flour; Whole Wheat Flour

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