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Baloney Canapés Recipe

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Very common on cold buffet tables in America's Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Estimated Prep Time: 15 minutes



Let cream cheese warm a bit to soften, then cream it with a hard-back spoon or a hand-mixer.

If you wish, you may mix cream cheese with a dab or 2 of Miracle Whip, Salad Cream or mayonnaise to make it more spreadable, and give the taste more complex notes.

Then either mix in some green sweet pickle relish, or leave it plain.

If you leave it plain, spread it out on a slice of baloney. Top with small gherkin pickles that have been cut in half length-wise. Roll up the slice into a long cylinder, then starting from the end cut it into spiral slices about 3/4" ( 1 1/2 cm) thick.

If you mix in green sweet pickle relish, then just spread that on and proceed with your roll-ups OR make a layered stack of 5 or more slices, starting and ending with a baloney slice, then cutting into squarish wedges.

Whether you do round spirals or wedges, pickle or relish, you can use toothpicks to hold them together if you wish. Just make sure the toothpicks are visible and that your guests know they're there.

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