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Baloney Day

Baloney Day

Baloney Day

24 October

Woohoo, it's Baloney Day!

In some American towns, the highlight of the year is Baloney Day. A Baloney Day is held the first weekend of every September in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Bologna Day is even celebrated all over Europe. The first one in Austria, for example, was held on 21 June 2000. The Bologna Day in Europe, however, is a little different -- it's to celebrate the Bologna Declaration (as in the town of Bologna, Italy), which involves standardizing what's required for a university degree in Europe.

If you think you know all that there is to know about Bologna, we'd like to ask if you know the difference between Rag Baloney, Ring Baloney, Lebanon Baloney, Sweet Baloney, Pickled Baloney and "regular" Baloney? CooksInfo.com does. See the See Also links below.

Sliced baloney

Sliced baloney. Glane23 / wikimedia / 2008 / CC BY-SA 3.0

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