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Barley Flour

Barley Flour is mostly made from Pearl Barley.

Until recently, it wasn't made from a "wholer-grain" barley than Pearl because of the expense and difficulty of getting off barley's tough hull without taking the bran off with the hull. New hull-less varieties of barley are emerging, however, which eliminate the processing that would have been needed, while leaving the bran in place and giving a "wholer-grain" flour than did Pearl or Pot barley.


Barley Flour made from hull-less barley is high in good dietary fibre. As it doesn't have the proteins necessary to create gluten, in making yeast-risen goods it should be used in combination with wheat flour, at a ratio of no more than 25% barley flour to wheat.


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Also called:

Farine d'orge (French); Gerstenmehl (German); Harina de cebada (Spanish); Farinha de cevada (Portuguese)


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