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Bean Day

Bean Day

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5 January

CooksInfo.com celebrates Bean Day on the 5th of January.

If you're in a rush today, you could mark the day by having some plain but honourable baked beans on toast from your favourite tin. Or, to be more adventurous, you could cook up a French cassoulet, or sample some bean burritos.

The top dry-bean producing state in America is North Dakota. Using the latest figures available (2008), Americans per person ate that year:
  • 1.2 kg (2.7 pounds) of pinto beans;
  • 400g (.9 pounds) of navy beans;
  • 300g (.7 pounds) of black beans;
  • 270g (.6 pounds) of red kidney beans.

It should be noted that there's some disagreement about when Bean Day actually is.

January date: Some people disagree whether it should be the 5th of January, or the 6th. There are two precedents for a Bean Day in January. The Northarvest (sic) Bean Growers Association of Minnesota has been holding a bean festival in January since 1975 around the third week of January. And the Nebraska Dry Bean Growers Association holds a "Bean Day" annual meeting in January

April date: Garrison, North Dakota, holds its Bean Day on 15 April. They say it's held on this day (tax deadline day) because after paying taxes people will be eating beans for a while.

October date: Around the beginning of October each year, in Athens, Alabama, the Fire Department holds a Bean Day dinner every year to raise money for charity. They feed about 3,000 people.

November date: In 2003, the Governor of North Dakota (John Hoeven) declared Bean Day to be 3 November. North Dakota's claim to fame in the field of beans, as it were, is that it's the top producer of dry edible beans in the Union.

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