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Bearss Limes

A Bearss Lime is variety of a Tahiti lime about the size of a lemon, which makes it very large compared to Mexican (aka Key) limes, though it is less fragrant and flavourful than they are. The skin is also a paler green.

Bearss Limes are seedless and very juicy. The trees are hardier than other lime types, which lets it grow well in more northerly parts of California.

History Notes

Originated as a variety of Tahiti lime in 1895 in a grove in Porterville, California belonging to a T.J. Bearss. It was catalogued in 1905 by the Fancher Creek Nursery Company. By the 1940s, however, it was determined that the Bearrs lime didn't really differ enough from other Persian limes to be regarded as distinct. Despite that, the name persists, as well as the feeling that it is "more" seedless.


Bearss Limes; Kaffir Lime Leaves; Key Limes; Lime Juice; Lime Squeezer; Limes; Persian Limes

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Also called:

Bearss Seedless Limes; Byrum Seedless Limes


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