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Black Shackamaxon Beans

Black Shackamaxon Beans are a climbing pole bean that are not grown commercially.

The beans are bright navy blue when first taken out of their pods, turning a purplish blue as they dry.

History Notes

Black Shackamaxon Beans possibly originated with the Lenape (aka Delware) First Nations Tribe, via Quaker farmers in south-eastern Pennsylvania and in southern New Jersey, US.

Language Notes

Black Shackamaxon Beans were named after the Lenape village of Shackamaxon, located inside what is now Philadelphia.

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Also called:

Phaseolus vulgaris 'Black Shackamaxon' (Scientific Name)

Pole Beans

Black Shackamaxon Beans; Cherokee Trail of Tear Beans; Cherrystone Beans; Christmas Lima Beans; Dermason Beans; Emerite Beans; Gramma Walters Beans; Hanna Hank Beans; Kentucky Wonder Beans; La Spagna Beans; Lamon Beans; Lazy Wife Beans; Mostoller Wild Goose Beans; Non Plus Ultra Beans; Papa de Rola Beans; Pole Beans; Red Triumph Beans; Snowcap Beans; Tarahumara Amarillo Beans; Tarahumara Azufrado Beans; Tarahumara Bakamina Beans; Tarahumara Carpinteros Beans; Tarahumara Chókame Beans; Tarahumara Mantequilla Beans; Tarahumara Negro Beans; Tarahumara Ojo de Cabra Beans; Tarahumara Purple Beans; Tarahumara Vayito Beans; Tarahumara Vayo Beans; Tarbais Beans; Taylors Horticultural Beans; True Red Cranberry Beans; Turkey Craw Beans


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