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Black Shackamaxon Beans

Black Shackamaxon Beans are a climbing pole bean that are not grown commercially.

The beans are bright navy blue when first taken out of their pods, turning a purplish blue as they dry.

History Notes

Black Shackamaxon Beans possibly originated with the Lenape (aka Delware) First Nations Tribe, via Quaker farmers in south-eastern Pennsylvania and in southern New Jersey, US.

Language Notes

Black Shackamaxon Beans were named after the Lenape village of Shackamaxon, located inside what is now Philadelphia.

Pole Beans

Black Shackamaxon Beans; Cherokee Trail of Tear Beans; Cherrystone Beans; Christmas Lima Beans; Dermason Beans; Emerite Beans; Gramma Walters Beans; Hanna Hank Beans; Kentucky Wonder Beans; La Spagna Beans; Lamon Beans; Lazy Wife Beans; Mostoller Wild Goose Beans; Non Plus Ultra Beans; Papa de Rola Beans; Pole Beans; Red Triumph Beans; Snowcap Beans; Tarahumara Amarillo Beans; Tarahumara Azufrado Beans; Tarahumara Bakamina Beans; Tarahumara Carpinteros Beans; Tarahumara Chókame Beans; Tarahumara Mantequilla Beans; Tarahumara Negro Beans; Tarahumara Ojo de Cabra Beans; Tarahumara Purple Beans; Tarahumara Vayito Beans; Tarahumara Vayo Beans; Tarbais Beans; Taylors Horticultural Beans; True Red Cranberry Beans; Turkey Craw Beans

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Also called:

Phaseolus vulgaris 'Black Shackamaxon' (Scientific Name)


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