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Blenheim Orange Apple

A large apple that is somewhat flattened looking. It has dull, washed-looking skin that is greenish-yellow with reddish-orange stripes.

The flesh is creamy-white, with a coarse, crumbly texture, and is moderately juicy.

The tree needs to be several years old to start producing well.

Cooking Tips

Cooks to a stiff sauce.

History Notes

Originated at Woodstock in Oxfordshire, near Blenheim Palace, in 1740, possibly developed by a man named Kempster. It was known locally for some time as Kempster's Pippin, before being given the more upscale Blenheim name.

It was known in London nurseries by 1818. In 1820 it received the "Banksian Silver Medal", and was spread to Europe and America shortly after.

The wood from Blenheim Orange Apple trees was considered particularly good for cog wheels for railways.

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Also called:

Blenheim; Blenheim Pippin; Blenheimsrenett; Blooming Orange; Dredge's Fame Apples; Gloucester Pippin; Orange Pippin; Postrophe Apples; Prince Of Wales; Ward's Pippin; Woodstock; Woodstock Pippin; Goldreinette von Blenheim (German)


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