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Bleu de Termignon

Bleu de Termignon is a blue cheese currently (2004) made by one woman with 9 cows in the French Alps. Her cows graze in the National Park of Vanoise.

The cheese is not inoculated with a blue cheese mould, as other blue cheeses are. Rather, her cows pick up bacteria from other animals, which gets into the unpasteurized milk (remember, this is supposed to be a key selling point) and causes the blueing. Holes punctured into the cheese allow in air for the mould to grow.

The milk is curdled with Calf Rennet. The cheese is formed into wheels weighing about 15 pounds (7 kg), aged 4 to 5 months, and turned frequently. It develops a thick, brown crust, and blue veins throughout the yellow cheese inside.

Bleu de Termignon has an aromatic, almost flowery smell.


1 cup, crumbled = 1/4 pound = 115g

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