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Boilie Cheese

There are two varieties of Boilie Cheese.

One variety is made from cow's milk; the other, made from goat's milk, is called "Goat's Boilie."

Both are roughly-formed balls of cheese, marinated in sunflower oil, garlic, herbs and pink peppers. They are sold in the marinade in 7 oz (200 g) glass jars, or 2 1/4 pound (1 kg) plastic tubs which have 12 larger 180 g (6 oz) balls in them.

Boilie Cheese was first made by John and Anne Brodie at Ryefield Farm, on Lough Ramour (in County Cavan, near Virginia, 45 minutes north-west of Dublin., Ireland.) Now their son Owen runs the farm, and their son Mark looks after the cheese.

It is made with milk from their farm. The milk is slowly pasteurized, then vegetarian rennet added, curd formed, then the curd is drained in muslin cloth bags, salted, formed into the balls, and jarred in the marinade.

Cooking Tips

Boilie Cheese is good in salads and for stuffing into tomato halves before grilling.

The oil marinade can be used as a salad dressing or a dip for breads.

Language Notes

"Boilie" is the name of the road running along Ryefield farm. It means "milking place."


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