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Braunschweiger (aka Braunsweiger) is an Americanized version of liverwurst.

It is a semi-soft, spreadable, meat mixture, that is usually sliced for sandwiches.

It is made from pork and pork liver, chopped and blended. It is like liverwurst in texture, but it is smoked and darker-coloured.

There are many brands. Some use more pork than pork liver for a less livery taste.

Ingredients in the Koegal brand are: "Pork , Pork Liver, Nonfat Dry MIlk, Salt, Corn Syrup, Spices, Onion Powder, Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate, Spice Extractives, Sodium Nitrite."

It is sold in chiller sections in packages or rolls.


Aberdeen Sausage; Baloney; Boudin Noir; Bratwurst Festival Day; Braunschweiger; Cured Sausages; Currywurst; Fresh Sausages; Glamorgan Sausages; Hack Pudding; Haggis; Haslet; Kochwurst; Liver Pudding; Lorne Sausage; Mortadella; Sausage Casings; Sausagemeat; Sausages; Semi-Cured Sausages; Stufatura; Tube Sausage; Zampone

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