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Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Day

Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Day

Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Day
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1 May

This is it, the big day.

All across America right now, people are visiting, phoning and emailing friends and neighbours to exchange their bread pudding recipes. Some have been saving up their recipes all year, in hopes of being able to dazzle or amuse their friends with their new finds.

In Europe today, socialists will be celebrating May Day by stomping up and down city streets in their Doc Martens, terrorizing police horses and symbolically breaking the odd streetlamp or two, just for old time's sake. But while they will celebrate their bravado and their pensions with Chardonnay and oysters, over in America people will be peering into ovens, eager for a glance at the golden, puffy results of this year's addition to their Bread Pudding recipe collections.

Many avid collectors write their Bread Pudding recipes on cards, noting who they got the recipe from and which recipe they gave in exchange, and then store the cards in handed-down, heirloom boxes specially designed to safeguard these prized recipes.

If you only know foodies who make piff-piff noises in the general direction of bread puddings, don't despair: below are a few bread pudding recipes that you can try, both savoury and sweet. If you're tired of just slapping the same ole' mash on your plates to make sure the men feel that they have had a square meal, savoury bread puddings make a great alternative that they will hoover up.

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