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Broiling Pans

Broiling Pans

Broiling Pans
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Broiling Pans are special low, flat pans that come with North American stoves to help with broiling food. Many stoves come with a two-part broiling pan designed to fit nicely into a designated broiling space.

Broiling Pans have moderately tall sides, up to 4 cm (1 1/2 inches), and a tray that rests on top. The tray has slits in it to allow drippings to fall down through. You put your food on this tray and place it under the broiler.

You can line the bottom of the pan with tin foil to make cleanup easier.

Unless the designated broiling space happens to also be the oven (because the broiler is just the oven's top heating element cranked to overdrive), most people store their broiling pans in that designated broiling space. In gas ovens, that broiling space is often a tray close to the floor, under the oven.

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