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Brousse de Brebis

Brousse de Brebis is a fresh soft cheese. In thickness, it is like a Greek yoghurt, a spoonable cream, or a smooth ricotta. The cheese is made in the Provence region of France, particularly Nice and Marseille, and also in Corsica.

It is an unsalted cheese made from sheep's milk. The milk is beaten, drained twice, then pressed. It is sold in squares or wheels.

Brousse de Brebis is often used as an ingredient in hot dishes. On its own, it can be eaten as is, with salt or sugar or honey on it, with pepper, or herbs.

Storage Hints

Store Brousse de Brebis up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Language Notes

A Brousse is a term for soft cheese made in Provence, France, made from sheep or goat's milk. It may be so soft as to be like a cream cheese, or have more texture to it, like a ricotta. The term Brousse comes the French words "brousse" / "brousser", which have several meanings to them. Some feel that the meaning that applies to the cheese is the meaning of "beaten" -- but then not all brousse cheeses have their curd beaten. Others feel that the meaning that applies is that of "woods, bush, back-woods" alluding to the sheeps or goats wandering about in off the beaten track, hard-scrabble patches of land.

Sheep's Milk Cheeses

Blackstick's Velvet Cheese; Bleu de Basque; Brebis au piment d'Espelette; Brebis des Pyrénées Cheese; Brebis du Lavort Cheese; Brebis du Lochois; Brebis Pardou; Brousse de Brebis; Brousse du Var; Etorki Cheese; Feita Cheese; Katy's White Lavender Cheese; Mutton Button Cheese; Perail de Brebis; Ricotta Salata Cheese; Sheep's Milk Cheeses

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