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Butt End Ham

Butt End Ham is a retail cut of pork.

It is the upper part of a pig's rear thigh.

It is fattier than ham from the lower part of the pigs leg (the "shank" half), but easier to carve, and often more expensive.

If it's labelled "butt portion", the centre ham slice has been removed for sale separately labelled as a "ham steak" or "centre cut ham slice."

If it's labelled "butt half", the centre slice is still there.

Cook's Illustrated magazine recommends the shank end of the leg, but many butchers actually prefer this cutt, the butt end.


Ardennes Dry Ham; Bradenham Ham; Brine-Cured Ham; Butt End Ham; Country Ham; Devilled Ham; Fresh Ham; Gammon; Ground Ham; Guijuelo Ham; Ham Steak; Ham; Irish Ham; Leoncini Roasted Ham; Limerick Ham; Los Pedroches Ham; Pannonia Ham; Spanish Ham; Suffolk Cure; Taylor Pork Roll; Virginia Ham; Wachholder Ham

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Also called:

Ham Butt End; Ham Butt Portion; Ham Sirloin End


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