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Butter Muslin

Butter Muslin is a finely-woven cloth used as a cooking tool.

It is similar to cheese cloth in usage, but not the same. It has a finer weave, like that of a pillow case. The cloth is usually unbleached.

It's original purpose is to drain butter; cheesecloth's original purpose is to drain whey off the curds

Butter Muslin:
    • can be used to strain liquids such as stock, or honey;
    • can be used to wrap boned poultry in to prevent its falling apart while cooking;
    • can be used to drain soft cheeses that would otherwise just pass right through regular cheese cloth with its coarser weave;
    • can be used to drain buttermilk from milk.

You can wash it and re-use it.


A cheesecloth with a very tight weave, coffee filter, a clean cotton cloth, store-bought cheesecloth folded into several layers.

History Notes

Butter Muslin was used in Great Britain during the Second World War as material for dresses and as a lining for clothes, owing to shortages of other materials.

Language Notes

In English speaking countries, what "muslin" means varies. In the UK, some may refer to "Butter Muslin" as "Calico" (this is not the same as American "Calico" which has a printed pattern on it).

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