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Butterscotch Melons

Butterscotch Melons have pale green rind.

The flesh is green near the rind, orange in the middle. The green part is not only edible, but sweet.

Some think these melons have a taste reminiscent of butterscotch, hence the name.

They are very small, just 1 to 2 pounds (450 to 900g) each.

Each vine will yield up to 8 of the melons, requiring 75 days from seed.

The plant is a Cantaloupe hybrid. The seeds are often sold under various "Butterscotch Sweetie" names.

Cooking Tips

Allow one per person.

Cantaloupe Melons

Blue Ridge Melons; Butterscotch Melons; Cantaloupe Melons; Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melons; Honeyball Melons; Montreal Melons; Noir des Carmes Melons

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Also called:

Sweetie Melons


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