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Cake Pans

Cake Pans

Cake Pans
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A Cake Pan is a pan designed to bake a cake in, in an oven.

The pan can be square, round, or rectangular.

There are also speciality shaped ones, such as fire trucks, space ships, etc, though you may be hard pressed to use these more than once before the novelty wears off. Some shops will rent them to you for just this reason. Seasonal ones such as Christmas-tree cake pans, etc, may find use year after year and so may be worth purchasing.

Other specialty cake pans that may get repeated use are Bundt Pans, Angel Food cake pans, and springform pans.

Cake pans can be made of metal, enamelled metal, silicone, heat-proof glass or ceramic. Most metal ones made now have non-stick surfaces.

Cake pans can also be used for casseroles, squares, no-bake desserts, layered party dips, etc.

History Notes

In the 1600s, hoop baking moulds made of tin or iron started to appear. There were also wood hoops.

They were called "garths" by Elizabeth Raffald in the 1700s, who preferred them to the cake pans that were emerging.

To use these hoops, the sides were buttered, then they were put on a metal sheet, and floured paper put at the bottom of them.

Cake Pans

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