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Calves' Fry

Calves' Fry is a euphemism for the testicles of a calf.

They are removed when the calves are neutered and branded. When removed from the calf at this age, this makes them meatier, and the taste tamer.

They are available especially in the fall, after the castration of the bull calves.

Testicles from mature male cows, called Bulls' Testicles, can also be eaten, but testicles from calves are considered better.

Cooking Tips

Peel the skin off, wash them, dredge in seasoned flour, and fry whole, or slice up to use in dishes.

Language Notes

In Canada, also called "prarie oysters" and in America, "Rocky Mountain Oysters."

See also:


Amourette; Beef Marrow; Calves' Fry; Heart; Kidney; Lamb's Fry; Liver; Marrowbone; Mesentery; Muggety Pie; Offal; Ox Palate; Oxtails; Pluck; Pork Maw; Sweetbreads; Tongue; Tripe

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Also called:

Cowboy Caviar; Montana Tendergroins; Prairie Oysters; Rocky Mountain Oysters; Swinging Beef; Animelles (French)


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