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Cameo Apples

The Cameo® is a newish apple that looks like a Red Delicious without the bumps on the bottom. Its skin has a creamy coloured background covered with a red blush and white speckles.

The flesh is sweet and tart, with a crisp, dense, firm texture.

Cameo is a trademarked apple that is owned and promoted by the Cameo® Apple Marketing Association.

Cooking Tips

Cameo Apples are marketed as all-purpose for both eating raw and cooking with.

The apple holds its shape well when cooked.

Cameo Apples are good for sauce and pies; they are also slow to turn brown after cutting, so they are good in salads.

Owing to the denseness of the flesh, you may need to add a few minutes to any cooking times.


Per average 5oz (140g) apple, 82 calories

Storage Hints

Cameo Apples store until May.

History Notes

Cameo Apples were found as a chance seedling in 1987 by a Darrell Caudle in his Wenatchee river valley orchard in Dryden, Washington State.

The orchard had previously held Red and Golden Delicious apples.

He called the apple "Carousel" as first, then changed the name shortly after that.

Introduced commercially in 1998.


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