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CAMRA Founded

16 March

The 16th of March is the birthday of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

It was founded on this day, 16th March 1971, by 4 young journalists from Manchester and Liverpool areas: Michael Hardman, Graham Lees, Bill Mellor and Jim Makin. While on holiday together in the West of Ireland, they came up with the idea for what they first called the "Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale." By 1973, the organization had 1000 members; by the late 1970s, around 28,000 members; and as of 2005, 70,000 members and over 200 branches in the UK alone. Many branches hold Real Ale festivals.

They formed the association in response to the decline in the quality of beer commercially available. many experienced pub keepers had been killed during World War II, either overseas, or on the Home Front during bombings. The knowledge they had of how to handle ale in casks was lost with them; those who filled their ranks preferred bottled or keg ales, which were easier to handle, though the quality was lower.

CAMRA campaigned to bring back cask ales -- "cask-conditioned beer" that was unfiltered and unpasteurized. It has a slow, secondary fermentation right in the casks it is served from at the pubs; the lower carbonation results in more flavour coming through, and has a natural creamy texture without the use of nitrogen, as is used in modern systems.

CAMRA now has a full-time staff of 16 people (as of 2005), plus free-lancers, and publishes a monthly newsletter called "What's Brewing." They lobby politically to try to strengthen pubs that serve real ale, in everything from trying to get taxes reduced for them and the smaller breweries, to trying to stave off corporate mergers that they feel would be detrimental to small pubs.

Every year, CAMRA publishes the Good Beer Guide. The first version of the first edition in 1974 had to be withdrawn almost immediately, as its writers had been a little too scathingly forthright in their criticisms; it was replaced with a second 1974 version in which less colourful language was used.

CAMRA now also promotes "bottle conditioned beers" for home consumption, addressing changing preferences. To be endorsed by them, the bottled beer cannot be pasteurized or artificially carbonated, and consequently will have sediment on the bottom from the live yeast. In return, the label can display "CAMRA says this is real ale."

Attempts have been made to establish national and regional branches of CAMRA in Canada, but only the provincial branch in British Columbia survived and continues to this day (2007.) A branch possibly survives also in Calgary, Alberta as of 2005.

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