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Carob Bean Day

Carob Bean Day

Carob Chips
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2 April

Watch out for the Food Network's new action-packed thriller, "The Pirates of The Carob Bean."

Alas, in real life, it doesn't get that exciting for carob. It looks like chocolate and it's marketed like chocolate: but one taste and you know the old saying is true: sometimes beauty is only skin deep. And by the time all the sugar has been added to make carob as sweet as chocolate, you wonder why the health foodies bother with it all. You may even be tempted to wonder if carob hasn't missed its calling and if the poor old carob seeds weren't meant to be used for something else?

Fact is, they were at one point, as balances. The seeds are more often than not uniform in size and weight, so much so that they were used by people dealing in fine metals and precious stones as balances on weigh scales to help weigh out those treasures. The Greeks called the little beans "keration"; the Romans called them "carratus", and hence our word Karat used in referring to gold and diamonds.

But do you know the difference between carat and Karat? And do you know if it's true that St John the Baptist ate carob in the dessert, as many food books now say? CooksInfo.com does, and the answers lie in the See Also link below.

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