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Casertano Pigs

Casertano Pigs are pigs that are raised semi-wild in Campania, Italy, and allowed to roam in pastures and oak or chestnut forests.

They are a cross between wild boars in the Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Salerno areas of Campania, and the "pata negra" pig from Spain.

The pigs have dark, slate-coloured skin and thin, short legs. They have a narrow, rectangular snout, with very few bristles, and two wattles (called "bargigli" in Italian; "sciucquaglie" in dialect) on the sides of its neck.

There is a producers association, called "Consorzio Allevatori Razza Suina Casertana" in Caserta, founded by 10 breeders. They are currently (2007) seeking PDO protection for the pig.


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Also called:

Carne di suino di razza casertana, Maiale nero casertano, Pelatello teanese, Suino Casterano, Suino Pelatiello, Suino Teaniello (Italian)


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