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Cashew Day

23 November

Cashews are some of the oddest nuts. They grow hanging off the bottom of fruits that look like apples, and are toxic to handle unless the shells on the nuts are treated properly. But you can probably rest assured that the ones you buy in the vacu-sealed tins are safe to eat!

Some people like to get a jump on things and celebrate Cashew Day on 22 November, a day earlier than today. Others just plain hold out for National Chocolate Covered Cashew Day, which they say is 21 April.

Whatever you do, though, if you like cashews, don't hold out for the bowls of mixed Christmas nuts just around the corner. Cashews are always amongst the first nuts to be plucked out of them by others. And even if you don't like them, you may be interested to learn more about these very odd nuts from the tropics.

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