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Cassata Gelata

Cassata Gelata is often referred to as ice cream.

Though it is a frozen desert, referring to Cassata Gelata as ice cream is misleading. Rather, you make a cream mixture from whipped cream, egg yolk, sugar, lemon rind, milk, and cook gently on the stove. You then freeze it for a while, stir in candied fruit and almonds or pistachios, then turn into a mould and put back in the freezer, then turn out to serve.

The mould is usually dome or bowl shaped.

Another version of Cassata Gelata has you coat the insides of the mould with whipped cream, alternate layers of strawberry gelato, whipped cream, and pistachio gelato. When the bowl is just about full, you make a final layer from thin slices of sponge cake doused with rum, and then top with whipped cream. You then freeze for a day, then turn out of he mould to serve.

Yet another version has you coat the insides of the mould with gelato of various colours (strawberry and pistachio, all things being equal), then fill the insides with a creamed mixture made from ricotta and candied fruit, then freeze.

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