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Cassava Flour

Cassava Flour is a flour made from ground Casava roots.

It is used for unleavened baking, or as a thickener.

To make Cassava Flour, Cassava roots are fermented or boiled, then dried and ground into a flour.

No insects, not even cockroaches, will eat Cassava Flour.


When a recipe calls for Cassava Flour as a thickener, you can try using toasted bread-crumbs, or just plain old all-purpose flour. Use double the amount per amount of Cassava Flour called for.

History Notes

Columbus's diaries mention his eating bread made from Cassava in the New World.

See also:

Root Flours

Cassava Flour; Gari (Cassava); Malanga Flour; Okonomiyaki Flour; Water Chestnut Flour

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Also called:

Farine de manioc (French); Farinha de mandioca (Portuguese)


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