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Catherine de Medici's Birthday

13 April

Catherine de Medici was born in Florence, Italy, the daughter of a French princess and one of the heirs of the famed Medici fortune. She married the French Prince Henry, who went on to become the King of France.

When you start to read about food history, the name of Catherine de Medici starts cropping up here and there. And even if you never bust open a historical tome, you'll see her name peppered here and there in food articles, crediting her with introducing the French to everything from forks to peas. She's even credited with inventing women's knickers.

As appealing as it might be to some to think of the Italians teaching the French a thing or two about food, how much is really true? CooksInfo.com has the facts by the forkful. To see how much of what you might have heard is true, just follow the See Also link below. And if this is your first time to hear of Catherine, her life makes fascinating reading.

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