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Cheese Fondue Day

11 April

Finally, a holiday to celebrate stale bread and melted cheese!

Some people say that Cheese Fondue Day should be observed on June 4th. We, however, back those who plump for the April date. In the northern hemisphere, spring is often fickle in its youth, wandering from warm sunshine one day to chilling showers or even damp snow the next. A chilly spring evening is a nice day to have a special, warming dish at the table, that isn't as full-out hearty as the dishes that got us through the winter. A cheese fondue fits the bill perfectly.

There's still something wonderfully cheesy about a Cheese Fondue. In the 1970s, they were so de rigeur for the smart, bee-hived hairdo set that everyone had a fondue pot in colours of harvest gold, brown or avocado green, or in stripes thereof, with smart little fondue forks that seemed to get used more in pickle jars that they did in the pot. A revival was attempted by some foodie fashionistas at the turn of the 21st century, but it didn't really catch on, leaving fondue an iconic kitsch food that just happens to also be really good food.

If you don't have a fondue set, try improvising with wooden skewers from the dollar or pound store, and with the fondue in a heavy ceramic bowl that will both hold the heat when you pour it in, and that is microwave safe so the fondue can have a quick warming zap halfway through if needed. When using a proper fondue set with heating fuel, always handle the fuel with care.

Resist the temptation, though, to use regular table forks as dipping forks. People are bound to get mixed up over what fork they're eating with, and which one they're dipping with, and before you know it -- ugh!

And to really highlight the kitschiness of the day, see our Eazy Cheezy Fondue recipe. Even if you recoil in horror (we did), you'll have to admit it sure captures the "cheezy" spirit of the day!

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