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Cherry Pie Day

Cherry Pie & Whipped Cream

Cherry Pie & Whipped Cream
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20 February

Cherry Pie Day is the 20th of February. It should perhaps actually be called "Canned Cherry Pie Filling" Day -- with fresh cherries still a good 4 to 5 months away before they are in season again in the northern hemisphere, you're more likely to toss a can in the cart after seeing the price of fresh ones at this time of year.

And, given that the next day, the 21st, is President's Day in the US, you can dedicate your cherry pie to George Washington (even though the whole cherry tree thing is a myth.) Some feel in fact that Cherry Pie Day should be yet another day later, on the 22nd, Washington's birthday. Some eager sources try to pronounce the whole entire month of February as Cherry Pie Month, but surely even the most enthusiastic fans would blanch at the thought of a whole month of cherry pies.

Even if you don't have time to make a Cherry Pie today, or have the chance to be somewhere where you can get a slice for lunch or dinner, it's still a good day for you to brush up on your cherry knowledge. Most people know that the cherries you use for pies are very different from the ones you would pop in your mouth while your green-grocer isn't looking, but what are the differences, exactly?

CooksInfo.com knows and yes, we *are* telling. Just follow the See Also links below.

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