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Chimichurri Salsa Recipe

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Chimichurri is an Argentine sauce. You can use it in a zillion ways -- as a vinaigrette over salad, as a marinade for fish, poultry or meat, etc. Argentines splash it (room temperature or heated) over cooked meats and fish as they come off the barbeque grill and onto the plates.

Estimated Prep Time: 5 minutes



If using table salt, mix the salt in the water and set aside.

If using a coarse salt, use warm water, mix the salt in and set aside to cool and dissolve.

What you have just made, if you are curious, is called "salmuera" or "salted water."

Now either whiz all the ingredients, including the salted water in a blender, or shake in a shaker (salad or martini shaker, either will do the trick) or in a clean screw-top jar. If you are doing it in the blender, don't put the bay leaf in.

Put in a sealed container (add the bay leaf now, if you used a blender) and refrigerate to allow the flavours to marry. Overnight is fine, even ideal, but a few good hours will do. Before serving, remove the bay leaf and give it another good shake.

Recipe notes

There are thicker versions of Chimichurri sauce that have chopped onions, pepper, etc in it, which you would spoon or fork on as you would a relish. This version is a pouring or splashing sauce, if you will.

For salt, if you are using normal table salt, use 2 teaspoons. If you are using a coarser salt, such as Maldon, Kosher or a coarse sea salt, use a tablespoon.

For parsley, you want 1/3 of a normal sized unpackaged bunch at a green grocer's (about 20 grams, or a bit less than an ounce)

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