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Chocolate Cake Day

27 January

With the end of January fast approaching, you'd think it'd be "National Use up the last of the Christmas Nuts Day" so that we weren't staring at the bowl of them in the living room until Easter. But someone in his or her wisdom has decided that as it's been only 4 weeks since we were bombarded with rich, decadent food during the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the time has clearly come for another good dose of it lest any calories actually be lost, and voilà, Chocolate Cake Day.

If , however, you can't bring yourself to break your diet so soon after starting it by shovelling into you a piece of Chocolate Cake, there are other special things you can do to honour this day:
    • Some schools and organizations sell pieces of donated and homemade chocolate cakes on this day to raise money for causes such as the Red Cross;
    • Or, just use the See Also links below to learn more about Chocolate Cake. For instance, did you know that the original Chocolate Cake didn't have any chocolate in it? And that while it's true that German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with Germany, if you've heard that it was invented in Texas, did you know that that is a clever person's myth?

Today is also the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If you want to celebrate both occasions at once, perhaps you could find time turn on the radio and listen to some of his music probably being played somewhere today, and have a slice of German (okay, so he was Austrian: Germanic) Chocolate Cake while listening to it.

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