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Chocolate Chip Day

chocolate chip Day

chocolate chip Day
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4 August

The 4tth of August is the day to celebrate all things chocolate chip.

The classic item of course is chocolate chip cookies, followed closely by chocolate chip muffins.

If you're a parent with kids that like chocolate chip cookies, today might be a good day to make up a few batches of the cookie dough up and freeze it, so that on hectic days you can always produce homemade cookies on a moment's notice.

If doesn't have to be just chocolate chip cookies though: when was the last time you stopped anywhere for chocolate chip ice cream, or chocolate chip frosty shake?

Say hello to your old friend chocolate chips today!


The National Confectioners Association of America says chocolate chip Day is 4 August, and in 2005, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Atlanta backed them up by celebrating it on this day.

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