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Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk
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Chocolate Milk is sweetened, chocolate flavoured milk drink.

You can buy it already made up, ready to drink, in cartoons in chillers at stores, or you can mix up your own by adding a sweetened chocolate syrup or powder.

Commercial ready-to-drink Chocolate Milk is usually based on skim milk, and thickened with carrageen ("seaweed".)


Chocolate Milk may be as good a post-exercise drink as other commercial sports drinks, because it has an optimal carbohydrate to protein ratio. [1], [2].

Storage Hints

The ready to drink cartons must be treated like regular milk in terms of refrigeration requirements.


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Almond Milk; Buttermilk; Chocolate Milk; Clabbered Milk; Cream; Evaporated Milk; Goat's Milk; Gold Top Milk; Ice Milk; Koumiss; Milk Cellar; Milk Frother; Milk; Oat Milk; Raw Milk; Rice Milk; Scalding Milk; Scald; Soy Milk; Yoghurt

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