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Classic Stirred Not Shaken Martini Recipe

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A classic, pure Martini recipe.

Estimated Prep Time: 5 minutes



Half-fill with ice a cocktail shaker or a jug.

Add 1 part French vermouth to 7 parts cold gin.

Stir, pour into Martini glasses, garnish with a twist of lemon zest and a green pickled olive.

Recipe notes

If you make Martinis frequently, keep your gin in the fridge.

Make sure you use pitted olives, and get really nice ones -- which generally come from the deli counter, rather than in a jar or tin. Don't get any ones with spiced oil or anything like that on it. Ideally, you want plain, jumbo green olives pickled in brine -- the ones stuffed with sun-dried tomato or pimiento are fine, too.

French vermouth is the dry white vermouth. You don't ever want red vermouth, as it is sweet.

Some people say to crush the ice first. Others don't like to as (a) it is more work, (b) they find it makes the Martini more watery and (c) it makes it harder to stop the ice from pouring into the glass.

The story behind this recipe...

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    A Martini is a mixed cocktail drink that has been called by some America's most lethal weapon. Nowadays, anything, practically even chocolate milk, is called a Martini as long as it's poured into a Martini glass.
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