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Consommé Xavier

This is a thin, light soup. It's made from a consommé that is thickened with egg, and garnished with an herb.

Cooking Tips

For 4 people:
32 oz (4 cups / 1 litre) of consommé, either poultry or beef
4 tablespoons (10g) of Herbes de Provence, or 6 tablespoons (10g) of Parsley, chopped or dried
3 medium to large eggs

Heat the consommé in a pot, then reduce to a very low boil. The surface of the liquid should be barely moving. If using dried herbs, add them now. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Pour them into a fine mesh strainer and force them through with a spoon as needed, stirring the egg drippings into the soup. If using fresh herbs, add them now. Serve.


Afang Soup; Béaltaine Caudle; Bisque; Borscht; Bouillabaisse; Cawl; Chowder; Ciuppin; Connecticut Chowder; Consommé Xavier; Consommé; Cullen Skink; Gazpacho; Manhattan Clam Chowder; Matzo Balls; Minestrone; Mulligatawny Soup; Partan Bree; Petite Marmite; Rhode Island Clam Chowder; Rocky Point Clam Chowder; Soups; Stock; Vichyssoise; Yang Rou Pao Mo; Yellow Pea Soup; Zoni

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