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CorningWare is a glass material that cooking dishes are made of. Electric stovetops are also made from it.

Most CorningWare cooking vessels can be used on both the stovetop and in the oven. Just check the bottom; if it is stovetop safe, it will say so on the bottom.

They can also be used in microwaves.

CorningWare is opaque; you can't see through it, like Pyrex. The classic pattern is white, with a blue cornflower pattern on it.

There is no CorningWare in the UK; it never made it across the pond. There is, however, Pyrex.

History Notes

CorningWare was invented accidentally by a Dr Donald Stookey in 1953. He overheated a piece of "Fotoform" glass, and called the new glass "pyroceram."

It was introduced commercially in 1958 by the Corning Glass Works.

It became very popular in North America in the 1960s and 1970s.


Baking Mats; Baking Stones; Blowtorches; Bread Machines; Caja China; Cast Aluminum; Cookware; Cooling Racks; CorningWare; Frying Pans; Girdle; Heat Diffuser; Non-Electrical Rotisseries; Pans; Pie Plates; Pie Racks; Pizza Stones; Pizzelle Iron; Pots; Pyrex; Ramekins; Tassie Cups; Waffle Iron; Wok

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