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Country Style Ribs

Country Style Pork Ribs come from the pig's upper rib cage, near the shoulder. They are cut from the blade end of the loin (that is, from the loin, just behind the shoulders.)

They are meatier, and less fattier than many other rib cuts. They look more like porch chops cut in half with a bone through them.

They are usually sold sliced into slabs with between 3 and 6 ribs in them.

Rib purists don't consider them real ribs.

Cooking Tips

Country Style Ribs need slow and low cooking. For cooking instructions and other advice, see main entry for Pork Ribs.


Per 113g (4 oz), uncooked: 5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus®. Per 85g (3 oz), cooked: 6 Weight Watchers PointsPlus®.
Weight Watchers®
Per 85g (3 oz), cooked

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Language Notes

Note that Beef Shoulder Pot Roast is sometimes referred to as "Country style ribs" as well.

Pork Ribs

Baby Back Ribs; Country Style Ribs; Danish Ribs; Kansas City Style Ribs; Pork Button Ribs; Pork Rib Chops; Pork Rib Eye Chops; Pork Rib Tips; Pork Riblets; Pork Ribs; Pork Side Ribs; Slab of Ribs; Spare Ribs; St Louis Style Ribs

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