Randal Oulton

Randal OultonRandal Oulton wrote the content and programmed the functionality for

Randal has been a food researcher since 1999. He studied at Trinity College in Toronto and at the University of Florence in Italy. He also studied Food & Cuisine at George Brown College, Toronto. Besides English, he is proficient in six additional languages, most of which are of no use whatsoever except when deciphering obscure texts related to food.

Randal has also written for many professional publications.

Kathleen McBride

Kathleen McBrideKathleen McBride is responsible for the graphical design and layout at

Kathleen has been running her own graphic and web design company, Cranberryink, for over 9 years. After receiving her degree in Mass Communications from Carleton University, Ottawa, she studied at the Ottawa School of Art and then enrolled full time at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

She also studied web design at both Centennial College and Digital Media Studios in Toronto. Kathleen is delighted to have turned her life long love of art and communication into a full time profession.

"In designing, I was inspired by the old look of classic black and white kitchen tiles and the different patterns they came in. I wanted to keep the design simple so that the content and gorgeous photos could take centre stage.

A site of this nature is very content heavy, so the biggest challenge is making it eye catching and visually pleasing, while keeping it extremely easy to use and navigate across a variety of platforms and monitor resolutions. As the users travel through the site, they will notice that the menu items they choose turn and stay red to remind them where they have come from.

I really enjoyed developing I loved being immersed in the subject of food - the picture shows me with the first loaf of spelt-flour bread that I succeeded in getting a decent rise on. I often got side-tracked reading the encyclopaedia entries which are very informative, and often very funny. The other thing I really loved was working with the beautiful photos. It's amazing how gorgeous something like a simple broccoli floret can be!"

You can learn more about Kathleen's work at

Denzil Green

Denzil GreenDenzil Green is the in-house photographer for

A graduate of George Brown College's Digital Design programme, he has developed a particular expertise in food photography to meet the demands of the site's design dominatrix, Kathleen McBride (see above.)

Debrann Barr

Debrann Barr provides assistance with editing and fact checking for

She learnt cooking at the knees of her mother, a gourmet cook, who triumphed over adversity by producing Christmas dinners in Canada's Arctic from tinned butter and potatoes.

A marketing executive during the day, Debrann indulges her passion for food, history and trivia through her work on

Paula Trites

Paula Trites is a contributor of food photography to

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Paula enjoys not only preparing gourmet meals but takes special pride in the presentation. Luckily for, she is good with a camera, too.

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