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Cucina Casalinga

Italian for "home cooking."

"Cucina", which means "cooking" (or "kitchen", but not in this context) is feminine, so casalinga ends with an "a." If joined with a masculine word, it ends with a "o."


Casalingo is a word that means "home" in a descriptive sense, as in "homey" or "homely", depending on which sense of which word you use to mean what in English, as the senses are reversed in North American English from the rest of the world.

Other food items can have casalingo applied to them:
    • salami casalingo (home-style salami)
    • pane casalingo (home-style or home-baked bread.)

The item being described doesn't even need to be a food item: "pagina casalinga" means "home page."

Meal Types

Bake Sales; Buffets; Cucina Casalinga; Du Jour; Gueridon Service; Potluck Suppers

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Also called:

Casalingo, Cucina casalinga (Italian)


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