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Cucumber Slicers

Cucumber Slicers allow for very thinly, uniformly sliced cucumbers to be used for sandwiches, salads or garnish.

There are two different types of Cucumber Slicers.

One is a round device turned by crank, that you clamp to a table and press the cucumber through with a pusher. Original ones were made of cast iron. You can also slice carrots with them.

Another type is a flat, rectangular surface that you drag the cucumber over. It looks like the bottom of a wood plane, in that it has a metal blade on an angle. Some have two blades on them. Antique ones were made of wood; more modern ones are made of metal or plastic. Metal ones may have the blade built into them, rising out of the metal, Older ones had adjustable-angle blades.


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Also called:

Gurkenhobel (German)


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