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Cuisine of the Day: Mexican Food
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Mexican food is fusion food. It's a blend of Spanish, other European and even Mennonite traditions tossed in with the indigenous food and cooking traditions. While Mediterranean food was founded, though, on the trinity of wine, bread and the olive, the foundation for Mexican food is corn, beans and squash. Mexicans didn't stop eating what they were used to eating when the Europeans arrived. Rather they took the new ingredients brought by the Europeans (such as pork) and blended them in.

Mexico almost 2,000 miles long, with mountain ranges separating various regions from each other. Consequently, there are many regional variations in Mexican cooking, and sauces can be more complex than French sauces. In northern Mexico, a good deal of meat is grilled over charcoal fires. This is called "al carbon." On Yucatán Peninsula, seafood is very prevalent.

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