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In Naples, a Cuppitiello is a small cone made from newspaper or tin foil, put on the spout of a coffee pot called a "Neapolitan Flip Coffee Maker", to keep the aroma in while the coffee is brewing.

Outside of Naples, in the rest of Italy, it can mean:
  • a piping bag;
  • a paper cone, such as an impromptu piping bag made from waxed or parchment paper. Sometimes referred to as a "cuppitiello di carta" or "cono di carta";
  • in a vulgar sense it means "condom";
  • in Àlbori, in Campania just north of the town of Salerno, it's cone-shaped penne, served with a cooked green vegetable sauce, or stuffed with fried mozarella ("crescuita mozzarella");
  • "Field Mushrooms" in some parts of Basilicata.

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